footwork exercises and strength training manual
footwork exercises and strength training manual

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Author: Floor phantom

Floor phantom
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In this video I go over key exercises used to help build strength and stamina in your footwork . Much of which you can do with bands and body weight however apon purchase of this video you will receive a email with a 30 page training manual further detailing how to program split exercise routines using weights and other resistance exercises. This is not your typical bboy video or training program..

This is a Package . This is a comprehensive full training program for you to follow in order to see results in your strength levels for various levels of dance training. seeking something more intense and geared tward results in your breaking Preformance and not just a bunch of sixsteps!!?Do you want to get faster stronger in your breaking movements ?! this program will help your take your breaking to the next level your looking for no matter what level you are currently at !
  1. training manual includes how to pick your weights you should be using while training , How to test your strength levels . And how to split your training cycle for strength improvement including ,training split already set for you, all you need to do is plug your numbers in -100 dollar value
  2. Video commentary on techniques 20 dollar value including -Bonus drop and foot spin technique .Original footwork kick
  3. indepth commentary
Train like a athlete break like a Bboy .

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