Rock  steps pt 1
Rock steps pt 1

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Author: Floor phantom

In the short 5 minute video

You will learn Side steps with hand styles
The basic spin jerk .2 original Fmd skip step variations,Bonus Phantom bow and arrow
Each video is ment to be watched before practice
And done with the exact postuer !!! The steps can be adjusted for different music and the step should be the main focus learn the step in every meaning of the feel !!! Then you a change variations to the music changes ! Please email directly if you have any questions

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basic rock steps part 2

in this 5 minute clip you well get a in depth slow motion view of the basic side step with hand style,seven gems showcase freezes, the original fmd crew skip step variations, basic spin jerk, plus bonus original phantom burn please email me at if you have and questions on moves origins and theory on placement of steps according to a specific song style structure genre